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The Easiest and Most Affordable Way To Relieve Headaches and Eye Fatigue. 

Providing the optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes, Oculio™ Intelligent Eye Massager is a new generation eye massager that utilises scientifically-proven warmth, acupoint and vibration massage plus music to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and everyday eye fatigue. It’s essentially a miracle cure that can provide instant relief and tackle all eye-related problems.

Try it at home for 30 days and if you don’t like it, return it for your money back. No questions asked!

Alleviates insomnia caused by eye muscle strain, dry eyes, and excessive brain activity

When you use Oculio™ before sleep, you can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, and reduce the dryness in your eyes, By reducing stress and creating a state of deep relaxation you can calm down excessive brain activity which helps to fall asleep faster and reach the necessary deep sleep called REMsleep.

Helps to increase the blood circulation around the eyes 

Helps to increase the blood circulation around the eyes 

Our Oculio™ increases blood circulation around the eyes which helps reduce dryness resulting in blurry vision, redness, stinging, burning sensations and, pain. Based on acupressure techniques, Oculio™ can increase the blood flow to the eyes and brain. 

Which means that those parts get more oxygen pressure and heat, additionally help to stimulate blood flow, reduce eye fatigue, and soothe stress and tension around the eye sockets and temples.

Provides scientifically proven music technology that gives you all the benefits of meditation 

Oculio™ is equipped with musical frequencies that stimulate your brain to go into a theta state. It’s proven that the theta state is a state of total relaxation of body and mind. Usually, it would take years of meditation to be able to reach such a powerful state on demand.

Yet, by exposing the brain to just the right frequencies, it will start going into the theta state on its own. this way, you don’t need to master meditation or “find time to concentrate”.

Just let the music guide your brain into this natural state of deep relaxation.

If you rather prefer to use your own music, you can play your favorite tracks over Bluetooth. Of course, if you rather enjoy complete silence, you can turn the music off completely.


With its advanced massage techniques, Oculio™ directly massages acupuncture points located around the eye to loosen tension.


Oculio™ is equipped with a unique technology that allows the combination of a new generation multi-frequency vibration massage, air pressure massage, and innovative thermal functions, which will act directly on tissue.


The patented Oculio™ technology is based on two main scientific areas:

Magnetic Therapy And Ocular Reflexology.

4 Main Functions of oculio™

Intelligent vibration massage

The frequency of the vibrations provides a relaxing sensation by stimulating the release of the hormone serotonin.

Intelligent thermal function

This function will help your skin rejuvenate and will give you a luminous look. A slight heat will seep into the epidermis to stimulate blood circulation and increase the production of collagen.

Air pressure massage

This function uses air pressure to target acupuncture points around the eyes. It relaxes the muscles and nerves around the eyes to reduce pain and fatigue.

Bluetooth function

With Bluetooth, you can listen to your favourite music or even answer a call. If you want to stay calm, you can also mute the music.

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why thousands of people love our Oculio™ 


How long does it take to feel the relief?

The Oculio™  Smart Eye Massager provides both immediate relief (in as little as 15 minutes a day) as well as long-term results with repeated use.

How well does this work on migraines?

Wonderfully. The heating function of the massager is a true saviour against migraines and over 10,000+ customers around the world could not agree more.

Can I use the massager while wearing contact lenses?

Absolutely! Our massager is completely safe and easily usable even if you wear contacts.

How frequent should I be using this device per week?

We recommend to use the massager daily or every other day for lasting relief.

Is the Oculio™ Massager Safe?

The device is 100% safe to use! Our device has received all necessary medical certifications to be considered as a completely safe device for you and your eyes